Crypto Loans

Instant Crypto Credit Lines
Borrow cash or Stablecoins from 6.9% APR, without selling your crypto.

We are one of the most trusted lending institution in the digital finance industry fully committed to successfully solving inefficiencies in the existing Decentralized Finances (DeFi) lending markets by creating innovative, convenient and sustainable solutions, harnessing the potential behind blockchain technology, pioneering a new digital financial system.

We see a future for the financial world where all assets are tokenized on-chain and people have efficient ways to transfer or manage their funds. At Firefox-Capital, we always look ahead which is why we’ve designed our products to be seamless, secure and instant -- the banking services of tomorrow, rooted in efficiency, transparency and inclusivity. This is reflected in our fully-automated products, transparent processes and our extensive efforts to develop a truly global service that makes wealth creation opportunities available to everyone, providing accessible banking services for the unbanked.

How to Borrow-There’s nothing more efficient than opening an Instant Crypto Credit Line with us.

  • Top up supported assets-Click on the "Top up" button. Copy the deposit address and transfer the amount you wish to top up.
  • A credit line becomes instantly available, no credit checks-Once you have added digital assets to your account, you will be able to open a credit line. Your available credit line limit will be calculated depending on the value of your assets.
  • Start spending- Withdraw cash or stablecoins and start spending. You will be charged interest only on the amount you actually withdraw.

Enjoy Ultimate Security And Peace Of Mind.

Our variable-deposit credit line is secured and insured through decentralized financial projects(Nexus Mutual and Opyn) allows individuals and institutions to generate guaranteed cash flows at pre-established dates. At a fundamental level, credit and lending markets increase the amount of productive work money does by reallocating it from those without an immediate use(digital assets Hodlers) to those with one. This increases the utility of that money for all parties, giving borrowers access to capital and lenders yield. A formerly static investment can now generate passive yield for lenders, and borrowers can either receive fiat without having to initiate a taxable sales event or receive crypto assets for trading, arbitrage or market-making. These are substantial improvements for individual hodlers and major institutional investors alike. At the time of writing, our crypto-lending platform provides variable interest rate of around 8-10% for lending stablecoins; in comparison, most savings accounts in the United States provide less than a 1% return on the dollar.

Over the past years, our returns on digital market analysis and trading have consistently outperformed market returns, providing our investors and with high net returns, which allows us to offer secure crypto credit lines.

  • Our proven track record allow us to offer investors fixed returns while assuming all of the risk ourselves.
  • Each of our investors receives secures principal and secured profit payments, providing them with above-market returns in addition to peace of mind.

P.S The rate presented to you on the confirmation screen is a fixed annual percentage rate (APR). This is the fixed yearly interest rate applied to the loan that you have received.