Our Platform Features

These are few features found within the platform that are very userful to our users.

Security Storage

You privacy and security is our utmost priority. We place every user data in a secure storage.

Currency Wallet

We provide every user with a secured crypto wallet of their own. They can store crypto in the wallet.

Investment Project

Start an investment project from our selected section of investment packages for all users.

Capital Protection

Capital protection is always the key to securing investors trust. You have rights to request capital refund.

Just Only 3 Steps To Start


Create Your Wallet

Register and create your Firefox-Capital wallet. Update your profile and proceed.


Fund wallet

Fund your Firefox-Capital crypto wallet and select one of our services you want to partake.



Proceed to complete the process and start receiving earnings from your selection instantly.

24/7 Trading Update

Live feed from cryptocurrency market showing 24/7 update on trades. We analyse constantly on this and make market decisions.

Trade advice placed or invested is a well calculated entry.

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